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Embrace All of You

You know, I hear people say you should keep your style the same, keep your colour palette the same, so when others see your artwork, they can easily recognize it as yours. Well, I've never been much of a rule follower. You? I just have a love of far too many styles and colours that I could never just stick to one singular path. (Having said that, I do seem to be into the pinks the last while, haha!)

I love colour, yet I love pales and neutrals. I love pattern, yet I love simplicity. I love antique, yet I love modern. I love nature and earth, and I love glitter and glam. Maybe I'm a complicated girl. Maybe I need to romp through the forest and hug trees with my new glittery makeup on, haha! (I do love glittery make up. Heck, glittery anything).

Any old way, I think that if your love and passion for colour and style pulls you in a certain direction, you should follow what makes your heart sing, even if it means being pulled in many directions.

I've just spent the last two nights painstakingly sewing sequins by hand, one by one, onto my new mask just because I REALLY felt I needed to have some glitter this season! I'm pretty sure I'm crazy, but I was a lot happier wearing that mask out today.

Simultaneously, I have been busy pressing botanicals with my new microwavable flower press and I have been obsessed with the process; totally in love. I love nature so much and finding ways to use it in my art has been very fulfilling for me.

My passion for nature has always run so deep it seems that any glitz or glam couldn't possible define me as well. I think at my core, nature defines me. I just find it so curious how a person can be drawn to so many different creative outlets at once.

So, am I a contradiction or is it just that I have a love for so many things? I think it means I have the need to create every single day, no matter how small. I love to look at the world through a creative lens, and notice the little things. I love turning nothing into something. Do you feel like that, too? I know I can't turn it off, and in order to live and be happy, I have to follow where the path leads me, differences aside.

I think this means that we need to embrace who we are, no matter the flaws and passions. And we really need to celebrate the fibres that create us. We need to follow our passions and joys, no matter what anyone else thinks, and we need to find the courage to share what makes us happy.

So, let's go forth and do what makes our hearts sing! What love will you be following? No rules. It all matters. It's who you are. Be you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and come along with me. I am incredibly blessed and grateful for you.

Take care,



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My Story


Nov 26, 2020

Hi Julie. I got the microfleur. It sounds like you are making your art as it works and feels right at the moment. Perfect. I get easily bored as well.


Julie bishop
Julie bishop
Nov 26, 2020

I get bored doing the same things and I rarely make 2 identical pieces of art. I do however like making art in a series as they are similar but different at the same time! I just do what I feel like and what inspires me at the time. If I'm tired I will usually stay within my comfort zone and not push myself. Self-care is important and I tend to follow my heart.

That said, your microwavable flower press sounds lovely! A quick search comes up with a few things, one called Microfleur, one from Lee Valley here in Canada, and a video on how to do it Which one did you get?

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