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Dream Big

I was preparing my Instagram post about one of the prayer flags in my series when I realized I had a lot to say! So, here I am giving my two cents worth about something I think we all need to re-visit, and that is remembering to DREAM. Yes, I know, we're so busy "adulting" and trying to check off items on the never ending to-do list that we get caught up in the busy-ness of life and sometimes we forget to peek our head our of our box of comfort and see what's out there. There's no time to dream! Especially when you're a busy working mom!

I get it! Been there. Still kinda there. BUT, I think actually we might have it wrong. There is no time to NOT dream from this moment forward! Who cares what our age is? Who cares where we are in life? If we can't dream and we can't imagine those dreams coming true, then what do we have to look forward to? What do we have to work toward? Where would our passion and drive be? What would happen to our soul?

The thing about dreaming is, it was so easy when we were children. We dreamt about everything, and wasn't it a marvelous wasy to be? So free, so trusting. And we believed that there was every reason for our dreams to come true if we wished upon them strongly and passionately. How have we generally as adults lost this belief that we are allowed to dream, that it's OK, that it's encouraged? I think the pressures we put on ourselves as we mature and have a plethora of responsibility play a role. Or we may have been brought up with limited beliefs such as "You need to work hard in life to succeed", "You need a University Degree" "You need to keep up the family business," or "You'll never make any money doing that!" Perhaps it's just that we can't see past the mountain of obstacles that lie before us each day.

Have you had people tell you your dreams were just that, dreams, not reality and they would never come to fruition? I sure have. It's debilitating and it stagnates your soul, doesn' it? When I was young I let a lot of people influence me like this, which is surprising because I'm a bit of a blacksheep, fighting for what I thought was right.

Recently, my life has completely changed and I broke out of my comfort box, deciding that I needed to live my dreams. (More on that another time). The Universe helped me see this, so it wasn't me alone, but yes, it was and is scary. Why? Because there's a fear of the unknown, a fear of leaving behind all you knew. A fear of where it will lead you, a fear of judgement, a fear that you need to find a new way to pay the bills... We could go on and on.

But, with fear we grow, we learn, we shine because we put ourselves out there in a whole other frequency. We have chosen this and must step up to the plate. We expand and we rise to the top so our soul flourishes. We must navigate our way through this dream when we may not know how. But we know we want it. We know we want to live the life we desire and deserve. We want to be the best version of ourselves. This, in turn, allows us to share these new expansive energies with the people around us and within our communities. Our light is contageous when it shines on others.

So, how do you do it? How do you make your dreams come true when you're doubtful and overwhelmed and have a mountain of obstacles in front of you? I think first, if your dream is strong in you and it's worth the journey to reach it, then you tell yourself you're life is worth having it and living it. You start manifesting it and putting the energies out into the Universe. Tell the Universe this is what you want.

Second, in the words of Jen Sincero, (one of my she-ro's) "Feed your fear a suck-it-sandwich." One of her stickers is on my fridge, "In order to kick ass, you must first lift up your foot." Meaning, just take that one first step. One baby step at a time. Because a lot of little steps doing something about it can get you pretty far. That's how they climb Mount Everest-one little step at a time.

I have pages more to say about this process and how to navigate your way through it, as I have learned to do over the last two years, but that would just be a course in itself and plus, its way too long for a blog, haha!

My writing this blog is to share my passion about fulfilling your soul and making it flourish, and that is doing the things you love to do. That may be dreaming your dreams or making them happen. Lisa Nicholls says, "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough!" It's very worthwhile taking stock of where you are and what you want. We all deserve to make our dreams come true, and we all should keep dreaming. This is something I passionately advocate and sincerely wish for you.

I am very grateful and blessed to have you in my tribe.

Many blessings,


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