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Chris Karpiak  - Mixed Media Artist

I’ve always lived a creative life, exploring a variety of media with passion and soul, using every bit of nature, thread, fabric and paper I could get my hands on. However, when I discovered the world of mixed media in 2016 and realized that I could combine the media I was already familiar with onto a single creation, it set my soul on fire more and ignited something unstoppable.  I had found my true passion.


It was during this time I tragically and suddenly lost my mom and sister. Their passing affected me profoundly, and that combined with other life challenges I faced, sent me spiralling into an autoimmune disease. I found solace in my art journaling, which became the greatest source of healing and counsel to me at the time. I not only experimented with techniques and materials, but I realized that creating art was a massive source of self expression and a way to channel emotions.  I began to realize that art and life were inexplicably woven together and one could affect and inform the other, creating a dance of push and pull within the relationship.


It was through my art journaling practice that I began teaching on line.  This was huge for me as it allowed me to reach people around the world to help them use their passion for art and discover how to weave it into the threads of life to become grounded, make important self discoveries (both creatively and in life’s journey) and express oneself authentically from the soul. Today, I have my own on line classroom, as well as being a part of other online classrooms around the world and have been able to impact thousands of people, fostering an authentic spirit of inquiry and exploration to help develop rich creative experiences. My soul's purpose is to help people learn, grow and heal through art.


Recently, I was an Artist in Residence in Orquevaux, France, during October 2023. I have a painting in the Denis Diderot Gallery (France), I am one of 18 artists in the very popular 2024 Artist Almanac (page-a-day calendar), and I am a regular contributor to “Somerset Studio”, the world’s premier mixed media magazine.  


 I now happily call Edmonton, Alberta, Canada home after having lived in Victoria, BC for 23 years. 

Chris Karpiak holds her camera. She loves photography.
Instagram Profile Picture.jpg

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