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Acrylic Paint on Watercolor paper 4x6_.jpg
Acrylic Paint on Watercolor paper 4x6_.jpg
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Hello and Welcome to Earth Heart Studio!

Whether it's children or adults in the studio, Chris is there to encourage, guide and empower artists to explore their own creative journey and foster a sense of self expression through creativity.

Chris Karpiak - Art Teacher

Your child/children will be in for a load of self discovery and experience-making as they will gently be guided through Art classes.


Summer Art Classes for children focus on exploration, play and self expression with real art materials and classes are based on the the elements of art (line, space, shape, texture, colour, value, and form).  Each class is an hour and a half.


Your teacher is Christine, a dynamic mixed media artist and teacher who believes in fostering an authentic spirit of inquiry and exploration to develop rich creative experiences. She paints, photographs, assembles, stitches and dyes her way through explorative processes that weave their stories into her life’s journey.

Christine is a mixed media teacher both on-line and in live in Earth Heart Studio. The studio is located in her home. Chris has been a teacher of art for many years, connecting with thousands of students world wide in her on line classes and in person. She is a regular contributor to the world’s best mixed media magazine, “Somerset Studio” and she owns a masters degree in Educational Practice with a minor in Art. She had her work published in the the very popular 2024 Artist Almanac and will once again be an artist in the 2025 Almanac. Christine was also recently an artist in Residence at Chateaux Orquevuax, France, October 2023.  


Chris warmly and enthusiastically welcomes you to Earth Heart Studio!


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