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No Rules Journalling

What is your opinion about journalling? Do you engage in it or not? If you don't, have you tried it in the past? Would it be something you would consider re-visiting? If you do, what kind of journalling do you do? There are so many different ways to journal, and not one way is right, or wrong, or better than another. That's the beautiful thing about journalling!

When I was growing up, I was gifted a daily journal, complete with a little lock and key, where you were meant to write your experiences for each day. And I did. Then I recieved a 5 year journal, which I dutifully filled out every day, even if there was nothing remarkable to report. However, it became a chore and I no longer found it useful. So, I stopped journalling for years and years. Even when I tragically lost my mom (coming up to 10 years now), my grief counsellor recommended I try to pick up journalling, but for some reason (what WAS I thinking?) it didn't seem like a fit for me. I didn't feel like it would be a medium I would enjoy. (Was I wrong!)

Then, a few years later, after having lost my sister (also suddenly) I discovered Art Journalling and a new world opened up for me. Truly. My art journal became my refuge for expressing the deepest, most painful emotions I'd ever had to face. It allowed me to pour my soul onto paper, tear, glue, make a mess and come out the other side feeling slightly better. And I could repeat the process as many times as time would allow. In effect, my art journal became my own personal counsellor, one whom I didn't have to share with anyone and could keep all the raw emotions to myself.

Art journalling is probably my favourite form of expression still to this day. If you art journal, you may feel the same about it in that it is a safe place to explore emotions and art in one place. What could be better?!

But, there are so many other ways to journal. Have you tried doing a morning write? It's a wonderful thing you can do first thing in the morning to get all the things out of your head so you can start your day off having dealt with thoughts already. You write without stopping for 2-3 pages, single spaced. It's really such a great tool. If you've tried this, you know what I'm talking about! It's a wonderful way to start you day.

At the moment I've discovered a completely different way of journalling, which incorporates things I am learning throughout the mindfulness course I am presently taking (oh my gosh, it's sooo good!) combined with, you guessed it, Art. Collage, actually.

I was so inspired by Helen Colebrook's lesson in Wanderlust 2020 whereby she demonstrated how to do brush lettering and how to incorporate a bit of collage and journalling with the lettering, I scooped up a hard cover sketch book I spotted at the last minute whilst standing in line at the art shop and decided it should become a place to house my lettering-collaging-exploring-I-don't-know-what-else-work. Wow, what a book it has developed into! It's quite literally become my guide, my refernce, my best friend. It's full of self help and it's beautiful! I absolutely love this book.

In it, my journalling varies from writing notes in fine black Sharpie pen, to brush lettering quotes and phrases with my beautiful, new brush pens, to adhering photocopied notes from my class. And on most pages, as I go through the inner process of what I am learning and practicing, I go through the very therapeutic process of collaging neutral papers (most of them from my nature materials You Tube video😊). Finally, the hard cover gives it even more stature and substance. I am sharing some of the work from my book with you. You might see little areas where I glued the photocopied lesson in beside the collage.

If you journal, I wonder what kind of journals you have and how you use them? The possibilities are endless. (I love having no rules!)

If you've read this it to the end, thanks for taking time to read my post! I do love connecting with you and appreciate you!

Take care!



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