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Living a Creative Life

Is your life as crazy busy as mine? There are never enough hours in a day and I have waaay too many things I want to pack into those waking hours!

One thing I've known all along is that in order for me to be happy, in order for me have a day that has any form of soul fulfillment or satisfaction throughout all the responsibilities and demands, it is mandatory for my being and my soul to live creatively every single day.

So, what does it really mean to live a creative life? For me, it is a necessary thing; if I didn't do it, I would implode! It is a way of being for me. For me, it means looking at the world through my heart and soul, finding things that feed them with satisfaction, joy and contentment. It means taking what I call "mindful moments" to stop and take note of the little things in each day that bring peace as a Creative.

That could be anything from creating every day, but not everyone (myself included) has that luxury, depending on health, work, emotional situation or time. But, it could be a few doses and smatterings of finding little moments that help you move forward because you have allowed that moment to happen. For me, they are things like taking my iphone with me on a walk and taking pictures of little things in my environment that I've taken note of and get enjoyment or inspiration from. It could be the stopping to take notice of colour either in my art or in the world around me (eg. nature, clothing) and taking note of how that colour makes me feel. It could be finding patterns, noticing uplifting scents, seeing or feeling textures, or the feeling a hug gives me. Whatever it is, it comes down to taking little moments to be mindful of the things around you, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. It sounds like a cliche, but in my life, that's how I get through tough days or any days, and that's how I get inspired for my art.

Do you practice this, too? What do you do to live your life creatively? If you are wanting to start but haven't yet, what are the little moments you could allow yourself? What kinds of things would make you happy and fulfill your creative side? What sights, sounds, images, smells, colours or stories would fulfill your soul?

Other ways to add creativity to your day:

  • Look through magazines and collect images or words that resonate with you. Save them for collages, mood boards, or vision boards.

  • Read an art magazine. (May I suggest Somerset Studio or Bella Grace?)

  • Watch art videos. Take art classes.

  • Search Thrift stores for items you might want to use in your art. For example: old books, magazines, jewelry (use the parts), doilies, lace, buttons, metal bits, fabric.

  • Walk in nature.

  • Take photographs.

  • Make collage paper.

  • Doodle.

  • Have a cup of tea and day dream.

  • Day dream (even without a cup of tea!)

  • Make splatters on paper with an old toothbrush, or a small brush. Use as collage paper.

  • Journal.

  • Collage papers into an art jounal. If you have extra time, add a base layer of paint here and there.

  • Collect bits of nature. Use them as inspiration in your art journal, mood board or vision board. Use them as mark making tools in your art work.

I'm sure you have many more to add to that list! I welcome your ideas, your ways, your rituals to find happiness in living a creative life. You can email me at, get a hold of me on my contacts page, or find me in instagram at I wish you a creative and happy day!

xoxo Chris

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