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It's all about the hair. And connection.

I probably shouldn't write when I'm all emotional, but then, why not? That's the time when I want to express myself and spill it all out there.

It's just that things have been a bit bumpy here the last two weeks, and yet I have had the good fortune to get to meet so many truly kind and wonderful ladies through our beloved art, that it has truly moved me and carried me through some rough days. And they may not know that.

I have been extremely fortunatel to be in the position which allows me to connect with other like minded creatives across the world through technology. Through this, in the last few weeks, I have met people from all over whose stories have touched me, inspired me, and given me strength. Their kindness has reached my heart and helped me stay strong and positive.

In my own (at times lonely) world, I have been blessed by the opportunities I have been given to make connections with other women who can also get excited about the same small things I can, and who can understand this world of needing to be creative to live.

In this time, staying connected in a loving and positive way with each other is so powerful and important. Connection is one of the things I base my work on because for me, that's at the heart of life and living. This sharing of experiences, this working together for a common goal, this inspiring and encouraging each other. We create meaning and learning together. It's really gotten me through. It's made me more humbled and grateful.

Last week I got my hair done at the local salon up the street because I couldn't wait three more weeks for my appointment downtown. I love the people in my downtown salon. My friend owns it and it's fabulous. I get treated so well and I have good hair. (For me, it's all about the hair)! I had gone to my local salon up my street for a few years when I first moved here and really enjoyed it's community feel. It made me feel happy to be in the small town atmosphere. It was like being back home. And when I went back last week, it had that same feel for me again (only this time I donned a mask!) And I re-connected with my former stylist, even though she wasn't able to do my hair. But I really like the new person that did my hair. He is kind and gentle. And he did a pretty good job of my hair, too, only I came out looking 10 shades darker than I'm used to. But I didn't care, because I felt happy there; things were simple, comfortable. (Ok, maybe I did care, because I went back yesterday and asked for a few more blonde bits, lol)!

My point is, living basically is fulfilling in itself, at least for me. This being at the very basic level of comfort, belonging and connection is what makes the heart happy. And I am so grateful for all the people I've recently met who have impacted my life in such an uplifting way. Hair dressers and all.

Thank you for being along this journey with me. And if you've gotten this far, thank you for reading this, haha! I hope you have been able to maintain connection with people who matter to you, especially if you can't be near your family or friends.

Perhaps this is sappy, but it's what I've been feeling for some time. And I guess instead of journaling it, I'm blogging it! Because I can.

I wish you love, happiness and friendship!


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Jun 08, 2020

You’re brave Julie. 😊 Yes, what would we do without our art community?


Julie bishop
Julie bishop
Jun 08, 2020

How wonderful a community you have! I have found connection with my art buddies online to be very therapeutic especially during this challenging time. I took the leap and cut my own short hair! Not too shabby I'd say :)

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