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Creating Art in Nature

I felt very compelled to make and share this video because I have found my walks in the forest (always with my dog, Indie, except for this time!) have been a place where I can be mindful, where I can sort my thoughts out, and where I can heal. (Even though I may not look it in the video, I can assure you I was in my glory being amongst the trees)! I am so blessed to be surrounded by this beautiful place. Heading for walks to the forest really has helped me release stress and emotions and allowed me to feel more balanced and happy. And it has been a place of inspiration that drives me to express myself through art.

Do you have a place in nature that fills your soul? If so, why not give some art journalling a go? If not, maybe there is another special place that you like to go to journal.

You don’t need many materials. I brought with me a nature journal I made (but you could bring just a little doodle pad or a notebook if you don’t have one), an archival pen (so the ink doesn’t run when I add water), pastels, and an aqua brush. I also brought something to sit on because I didn’t want to get sap all over my clothes again! Have a go at doodling or making marks in your happy place. Yes, you may even come across people, haha! Let them walk by or be curious. I would love to hear how brave you’ve been and how that felt for you! What did you or will you express? Let me know. Take care.

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