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An exciting time.

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Wow, guys, this is an exciting time for me and I am so happy (and a little scared!) to share it with you! It seemed that over the last while there were so many things I was reading or listening to or viewing that, coupled with opportunities that presented themselves, led me to discover that I wanted to, and was ready to, create my own website. (Long story short). Now that I have worked long and hard on it, I can tell you that it is an overwhelming amount of work! Of course, I never seem to do anything the easy way, and this is no exception. What else could I possibly fit into my already crazy busy schedule? However, I persevered and got this labour of love on line. There may be things that need tweaking and things that need to be finished, but I can say this is what I needed to do and I'm proud of myself for doing it. And the rest will come.

I was reading a story the other day to a group of children about a boy who had an idea (represented as an egg) and it wouldn't leave him alone. It kept following the boy everywhere he went, and even though the boy tried to ignore it, he couldn't. In fact, the longer the boy thought about the idea, the larger and more colorful it grew, until finally one day the boy accepted that he needed to act on the idea. In the end, the egg/idea hatched and the illustrations had the entire boy's world filled with beauty, color, movement and excitement, where there had been gray. It ended by saying if you acted on an idea, you would change the world.

I may not be changing the world here, but the world for me may be changed. Even though the story was a children's, it really resonated with me, because the story was absolutely true for me at this time. I suddenly felt strongly that I needed to have all my things in one place in the form of a website, no matter what the outcome. After losing my girls (mom and sister) and having finished my Masters, I have a different perspective on life, and I know that I have to seize every day, every little moment at a time.

I would be honoured if you joined me on this continuing journey. I find having connection one of the best ways of getting through tough times and celebrating the good ones. I hope my (abbreviated) story connects with you in some way. It's a story of a willingness to take a risk, a story of persistence, and a story of listening to your heart and your soul and acting on it. Feel free to drop me a line and share any stories you have.



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